Motherhood is definitely the most rewarding yet toughest job in the world. How is it that such little people can make you feel such intense and extreme emotions? For me, being a mum is a role like no other; it’s all-consuming, magical and challenging all at once. Some days I feel like the luckiest person in the world, others I can’t wait for the day to be over. Some days I think about wanting more children, others I long for that quiet time to myself. 

I have two wonderful boys: Theo is three and a half, and Wilf is four months. They are my absolute world and I feel so lucky to have them. But that doesn’t mean that it’s all rosy! And that’s why I’ve decided to blog – to write about the ups and downs of being a mum, the things I’ve learned and am learning. I’ve held back from doing this for a while though. Firstly, I didn’t know if I wanted to put my life out there for others to know about so much. Also, I’ve thought that people might not be interested. But, writing is wonderful escape for me; I find it therapeutic to vent and reflect, even rant sometimes, and I’m sure I will enjoy looking back on these moments in years to come – be that to laugh or cry.

Added to this is the pandemic we are living in. Like many people, my world at many times has felt like it has been turned upside down, yet I’ve also come re-evaluate many things during this time too. I was pregnant with Wilf in the height of lockdown, birthing him in my car on the way to hospital with the help of my husband – as if life wasn’t crazy enough!  For so many weeks afterwards we then didn’t see family or friends, nesting as a new family of four, yet riding the emotional waves of having a newborn during a global pandemic. 

The past few months have been awful, wonderful, challenging and inspiring all at once. And more than ever, I’ve decided now that it’s time to stop putting things off. I’m on maternity leave (albeit a very different one this time) so why not document the madness and wonder of it all.